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residency programme

period I: 1/7/2013 – 20/7/2013
artist: Solimán López
about Solimán López
Solimán López (Burgos, 1981), is an artist who straddles the plastic, media, new technologies and performance.

knowing these tools used at will as the script demands of her own message. technically uses free software to generate content and contrasted with the physicality of the tangible or plastic. the processes on the body and its contrast with the machine are shown in pieces like “Human mistakes” or “Identity”, where the image is captured to generate autonomously important photographic records of performative action.

his approach to new technology is due to its proximity to speech communication theories and society. binomio on leading research much of his career.

his recent projects include his participation in the First Biennial of Art Emerging Venzue- la, the selection of his work for the Media and Live Performance Shows Videolooking or project selection “Wanna Be” by the curator of TEDx Valladolid for the Laboratory Valladolid of Arts (LAVA) or his recent speech performative “Follow Us” for Audiovisual Digital Arts Exhibition and Contemporary Technologies, MADATAC, among others. currently the artist is exploring a new creative universe that began with pieces like “Identity”, a photographic work of over 8,800 passport photos that talks about the role of the individual in the age of digital imaging.

this line of work opened in 2006 is reaffirmed today with projects such as “Duo”, a series of digital robots portraits of fictional characters, the performance “Follow us” in which the user interacts through Twitter social network with real-time performer or the latest published work “SexGames”. in SexGames, Solimán López explores the possibilities of augmented reality as a means of visual communication. by four photographs “increased” by mobile devices or tablets, presents an intimate scene as a performance. this reflects on the psychology of the digital environment today.

among his future projects is Social Robots, an ambitious project in which 3D digital portrait digital and alter egos occupy a crucial role. Avatars that are shown in relation to internet and interactivity of thousands of users.

read a short essay by lena theodoropoulou about Solimán López’ exhibition @ Mercouri Estate: Solimán López_Re-Set

documentation from the exhibition, installation view & artworks: