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Create an Accident proudly presents its first printed edition sirtartara

achilles nasiadis’ book with the illustration of rooster was released on monday, 16/7/2012 in athens, greece.

the book is now available for free (including shipping) at Create an Accident’s website in limited numbered edition.

now, you can order sirtartara just completing the form below and ensure a copy of the book!


a whirl of people, animals, objects at the moment they cross the town to set up their circus.

achilles nasiadis’ collection of short stories, grabs the reader by the hand and offers him a mixture of maddening versions and perverse urban fairy tales.

unlocking secret doors that lead in all kinds of unexpected meetings, metamorphoses and confessions, sirtartara reveals a slightly shifted universe, a world hidden in the moment between the opening and the closing of one’s eyelids and, at the same time, it composes the most sarcastic and tender critique of human life.


title: sirtartara
writer: achilles nasiadis
illustration and design: rooster
editing corrections: George “Nobodaddy” Tselonis
language: Greek
publication: Create an Accident
date of publication: 16/7/2012
price: free
pages: 56
300 numbered copies

order sirtartara for free:

sirtartara is available for free but you can always donate a small amount (3 – 5 euros) since you receive it and contribute to Create an Accident’s printing costs.