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residency programme

apply for the residency

[the application form is now closed | we thank all participants for their submissions | more news about the residency programme: apr. 10, 2014]
[residency period: 5.7.2014-5.8.2014]

About the residency:

Mercouri Estate and Create an Accident bring creative people together from all around the world and offer the opportunity to emerging artists and researchers to create / develop and present their project during a residency period at Mercouri Estate’s facilities. The invitation is open to artists and researchers working in a diverse range of media who want to produce, explore, challenge, and expand on their current practices. The invited people have the opportunity to live and work on a breathtaking landscape enjoying the hospitality of the historic Mercouri Estate. With the support of Create an Accident’s administrators, the residents are invited to develop a project and present it in an open event which is organized by the hosts at the end of the residency period. The project can be a complete stand-alone project or part of an ongoing project.

About Mercouri Estate:

Mercouri Estate is located in the Western Peloponnese on the plateau of the Ichthis peninsula, near the village of Korakochori, the town of Pyrgos and its port Katakolo. It is an old Greek, family-owned estate with 150 years history in the production of wine, olive oil and, in older times, currants. Mercοuri Estate is a strong supporter of local artistic and intellectual community. Τhe creation of this residency program aims to make the estate a strong core of support both domestic and international contemporary art scene.

About Create an Accident’s role:

Create an Accident’s fundamental aim is the creation and promotion of performative and visual works, as well as the production of original theoretical research in the cultural and social field. Create an Accident supports and aims to help the career development of the invited artists. In this residency program, Create an Accident offers assistance and guidance during the working process as well as production assistance in organizing the open presentation.

+ info:

– the residency programme can host one artist or an artistic duo
– our residency programme is not a thematic residency, but we ‘d love to receive applications that fit in our 2013-2014 concept [read more here]
– find grants for your trip [read more here]

how to get here:

1st step:

a) From Athens International Eleftherios Venizelos Airport: you can take bus X93 outside door 5. The express bus takes you to terminal A at Kifissou Avenue.

Time table: http://www.oasa.gr/xmap.php?id=px93&lang=en

b) From Athens center: you can get to terminal A by public bus 051 from the corner of Zinonos and Menandrou streets near Omonia Square.

Time table: http://www.oasa.gr/xmap.php?id=p051 (about 25 minutes trip)

2nd step:

long distance buses for Pyrgos leave from terminal A at 100 Kifissou Avenue.

Time table: http://www.ktelileias.gr/Site/21-/(about 4 hours trip)

3rd step:

From Pyrgos to Mercouri Estate there is a pick up service from the Host (about 15 minutes trip)


living space:

The living space (about 35 m2) is an independent, fully-equipped building within the estate. The building is 3 minutes walk from the sea and next to a vineyard.

 living space 1 living space 3 living space 2

working and presentation space I [L’ ULTIME STATION]:

L’ ULTIME STATION (THE LAST STATION) is a 70 m2 building within the estate. It is perfect for small performances, theatre rehearsals, exhibitions, small concerts and talks.

 l-ultime-station 2  l-ultime-station 3  l-ultime-station 3

working and presentation space II [the old water tower]:

The old tower is a very special place within the estate. Can be used as a quiet place to work and also as an exceptional venue for inspired presentations.

 the-old-water-tower-1  the-old-water-tower-2  the-old-water-tower-3

working space III [the old pumping station]:

The old pumping station is another characteristic place of the historic Mercouri Estate. The old pumping station is recommended as a place for theoretical research in which someone can explore and expand his practices with complete dedication.

the-old-pumping-station-1 the-old-pumping-station-2 the-old-pumping-station-3

The Mercouri Estate:

The Estate 1 The Estate 2 The Estate 3

The residency includes:

– Fully-equipped living space.
– Working and presentation spaces.
– Assistance and guidance during the working process.
– Organisation of the final presentation [talk/show etc.].
– Project presentation on Create an Accident’s website.
– Project presentation on the press.
– Pick up service for arrivals & departures [From/to Pyrgos bus station].
– Help to organize your trip
– Bike reserved for the use of the residency guest.
– Guidance about exhibitions, spectacles, seminars and other events in the area.
– Wi-fi connection within the living space.
– Basic tools and equipments.

terms and conditions:

– There is no reservation or residency fee.
– Guests are responsible for their travel and living expenses.
– Insurances, Visa and residence permits have to be arranged and purchased by the applicant. Host will help with invitations and other administrative tasks.
– The residency guests are responsible for their own actions and belongings. Host is not responsible to cover any personal, material or immaterial damage, losses or costs.
– Guests must present their work in an open event at the end of the residency period. The event will be organized by the Host.
– Audiovisual material from the guests projects will be presented on Create an Accident’s website.
– The living and working spaces are expected to be maintained clean by the residents and a final cleanup is required before leaving.
– Guests are expected to respect other residents of the Mercouri Estate. Overall respect and good manners makes everyone comfortable.

application form

1. read the terms and conditions
2. fill in and submit the following form

deadline for the applications: 15.3.2014

all the applicants will be notified about the selection fifteen days after the deadline.

for more info and questions you can contact with us at info@createanaccident.com