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parallel activities | OstPolitik | exhibition @ 3 137

OstPolitik @ 3 137
by dinos nikolaou
curation: iphigenia papamikroulea
20.11.2013 – 24.11.2013
ostpolitik is a term that historically refers to the policy of “change through rapprochement” and aimed at the normalization of relations between east and west germany.

the exhibition OstPolitik presents a monumental installation with envelopes as its main material, which are placed in piles containing all that composes the creator’s personal “library”. heap of documents of personal history, selected pieces of existence, are being assembled, categorized, shielded and chronicled in order to be revealed.

the exhibition OstPolitik was created with the term’s full load as a starting point, driven through the connection of historiography with microhistory and microgeography and reaching the material schema of experienced time. it reveals the artists’ anguish for introspection in face of the torturing reality of the end. the time of the past is approached as just one sole still but suspended moment, with the recollection of subjective experience expanding in a contemporary field of history. thus narrations that lack time determination are being shaped and function as resynthesis of deconstructed recollections, which react to the present and get recounted.