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archive [2012 – 2013]

concept: Myth PhD (Play hence Destroy)

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Myth PhD

thesis | exhibition

an international group exhibition
about impossible actions
the notion of destruction
and the construction of a new social contract
when and where
opening: thursday 28.3.13, 20.30
duration: 28/3/2013 – 18/4/2013
opening hours: mon. – sat. 12.00 – 21.00, sun. 12.00 – 19.00
production: Create an Accident
venue: metamatic:taf, 5 normanou str. 10555 athens, monastiraki
yiannis christofides: love me Tender
nathania rubin: Camel do something
melissanthi saliba: Found Ethnographies
informal strategies: Void 0
anna witt: Acts of Anger
theorists in collaboration
anna kontopoulou: stasis
andreas vrahimis: On Catastrophe
special guests
molleindustria: [a selection of games]
Eumaster ART – VR _2012_13: This is not a game
lena theodoropoulou
read the exhibition’s statement here
and notes on the artists and the artworks: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

argos | performance

a performance-elegy on what has not yet happened,
on what is expected to happen,
on what, once happened, will signify the end of all things
when and where
14/1/2013 – 26/2/2013
Fournos – centre for digital culture
168 Mavromichali str. Athens, Εxarcheia
performances every Monday & Tuesday
concept, direction, text, performance,
set – video – costume – lighting
& sound design: dinos nikolaou & simos patieridis
read the full description here

wheel, schoolbag, skive | interactive installation

the artist run space 3 137 begins its one-off events and responds to Create an Accident’s invitation to create a game.

being inspired by the Create an Accident’s thematic for the season 2012-2013 Myth PhD (Play hence Destroy), paki vlassopoulou, chrisanthi koumianaki and kosmas nikolaou produce a peculiar happening.

wheel, schoolbag, skive is a game, an attraction escaped from a theme amusement park , distorted from their discussions lately. product of their childhood decades’ illustration, it encounters the way they consider their position opposite to what is happening today; it is one broken system, a switching machine. otherwise, wheel, schoolbag, skive can be either just a time of amusement or a pause of time.

when and where
14 december 2012
18:00 – 22:00
3 137 artist run space
137 mavromichali str. athens, exarcheia
paki vlassopoulou | chrysanthi koumianaki | kosmas nikolaou

rooster @ ПАРНИК

the visual artist rooster, using unexpected materials,
installs a distinctive greenhouse of myths.
he explores the genesis and transformations of myths,
looking at the imaginary line joining the “mythical”
with the “real world”.
when and where
sunday, november 25, 2012
eleftherias park, athens
rooster created and installed his work ПАРНИК at Eleftherias Park, Athens, as part of Myth PhD (Play Hence Destroy) programme by Create an Accident.

ПАРНИК was a transient installation, inspired by the myths of Metamorphosis.

interfering with public spaces once again, rooster started a peculiar “dialogue” between metamorphosis and destruction.

as a result of its own ephemeral nature and the inevitability of decomposition, rooster’s installation, turned destruction to a liberating situation, by means of playing.

the work’s components melted and perished as time went by. at that moment, the route of metamorphosis to a “mythical world” (from its negative viewpoint to its positive one, and vice versa), met with the “real world”. the installation left its traces on the urban landscape and made an incision, a lane that one could cross and enter the world of Myth. a world where everything is possible, as long as you are willing to step out of this one, at any given moment, and destroy it.