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archive [2011 – 2012]

concept: strategies of small shifts

sirtartara | publication
date of publication: 16/7/2012
a whirl of people, animals, objects at the moment they cross the town to set up their circus.

achilles nasiadis’ collection of short stories, grabs the reader by the hand and offers him a mixture of maddening versions and perverse urban fairy tales.

unlocking secret doors that lead in all kinds of unexpected meetings, metamorphoses and confessions, sirtartara reveals a slightly shifted universe, a world hidden in the moment between the opening and the closing of one’s eyelids and, at the same time, it composes the most sarcastic and tender critique of human life.

title: sirtartara
writer: achilles nasiadis
illustration and design: rooster
artistic direction: dinos nikolaou
editing corrections: george “nobodaddy” tselonis
language: greek
publication: Create an Accident
price: free
pages: 56
300 numbered copies

rooster @ granule act_1 + act_2
athens urban fabric, 2011 – 2012
the visual artist rooster through his work granule renegotiates our relationship with the cityscape. using the persistence of an archivist and the methodology of an urban planner, rooster selects integral pieces of the city’s architecture and he modifies / repairs them, intending on a mild visual intervention on the cityscape.

the evaluation of uniqueness for every spot (historical, cultural, economic, etc.) in combination with the use of a non binding technique for each one of them, creates an exclusive comment / intervention on the relationship between human and urban environment.

addressing on the relocation of resident’s / observer’s point of view, rooster actualizes small “weirdnesses” betting that either for a second either forever is possible to change the perception about what is familiar and the conviction about what constitutes the personal and communal history of people’s everyday life.

GEOGRAPHIES III / Debord Geography
first presented @ Arteles Creative Center, finland, november 2011
the Geographies, stage installations of landscapes and incidents, are part of an on-going project whose fundamental aim is the creation of uncanny portraits. the Geographies Project is always in progress, and presents the audience with an attempt of mapping singular traces and a construction of strategies regarding that which has not take place yet.

the 3rd part of the Geographies Project, Debord Geography, is about the construction of a hybrid which combines the performance and visual arts with the essay.

a non – performance and un – installation as a “thesis” into a diverse world.

a visit in a raw fun – fair.

starting from guy debord’s face, an artwork which explores the possible existence of a debordgeist nowadays along with its prospective effectiveness, is designed.

conception + realization by dinos nikolaou

this weight / this distance / this time
athens urban fabric, august 2011
a performance / travelogue on athens urban fabric.

for a whole week dinos nikolaou was crossing the city’s streets, carrying a unique object for every day.

objects without usefulness go provocative into orbit / flow into the stock market of infinite objects, words, actions which are founded exclusively on the horizon of their consumption.

fragments from a dialogue about the uniqueness, the ability of selection and the difficulty of freedom.

at the end of each day the artist presented on the web videos, images and notes from the travelogue, constructing a gesture art, elegy on homo urbanus and on the small, imperceptible shifts of social and urban consistency’s

conception + realization by dinos nikolaou

on line project
PINAKOTHEK is Create an Accident’s unclassified ark. An open archive/alphabet for provocative ideas and non-existing landscapes

26 different artists created 26 different artworks

curation: dinos nikolaou

artists: marina velisioti, chris garcia, achilles nashiadis, kelly worman, BEFORLIGHT, peter posh, helen Ccarlson, opt.society, simos patieridis, VIAVISCONTI, gagan singh, beti bricelj, Thereisamajorprobleminaustralia, františek turcsányi, ender gelgeç, rooster, elly liyana, józef kossak, michael s. lee, yorgia karidi, juliette verberk, yuri lunacharski, jelena milo, evi apostolou, kellyann gilson lyman, konstantinos fazos

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– circus by achilles nashiadis:

– porn by rooster: here [external link]